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Chris Shimley

Main Coach

I have been doing CrossFit since 2010 and started doing it to train in the offseason for football. I love to compete in CrossFit and dedicate a lot of time to improve myself for competition. I finished the CrossFit open in 2013 in 12th place and finished 19th at CrossFit regionals. In 2014, I finished 11th and regionals and in 2015, with the changes to the formatting, I finished 33rd. I hope to eventually make it to the CrossFit games and compete with the best in the world. I love coaching CrossFit to see the changes in people physical and emotional lives. I hope to keep coaching for the rest of my life and be able to have an impact on people’s lives daily.

Certification: CrossFit Level 1

Danielle Blasko


I started Crossfit in 2012 and have been training consistently ever since. Before Crossfit I was active by moderately running, biking and other typical gym activities. By no means did I consider myself an athlete since my days of middle school sports. I am now a level 1 coach and have competed in 4 competitions and 2 open seasons. My goal is to make it to regionals in the future. I eat mainly real foods consisting of lean meats, vegetables, fruits and some grains. I feel and train my best when I eat and sleep well. I encourage anyone and everyone to try Crossfit. Not only is the community amazing but I guarantee you will walk away with your head held a little higher after your first wod. My advice for people coming into Crossfit is to remember where you started and how far you’ve come. It’s your journey!

Certification: Crossfit Level 1 

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Jeremy Buzea


My motivation in CrossFit not only comes from wanting to maintain my health but also from my daughter. I want to see her grow up as part of the CrossFit community to understand the importance of health and fitness. In the gym, I put as much into every WOD as possible so that it motivates others to continue to push themselves and work harder. I enjoy helping people get better at the gym and seeing our members hit a PR and the smile on their face is enough to push anyone to continue to do their best.

Outside of CrossFit, I try to continue to be as active as possible. I have run 5K’s, the Warrior Dash, the Metro Dash and I plan on doing the Valpo Triathalon in 2014. When I eat clean, it makes me feel lighter, faster, stronger and more energetic, but I incorporate a plan to increase size and performance by getting slots of cards before bed to load up for my morning session at the gym. I want to tell the Top Fuel Community that while your at the box put everything you have into the programming. Warmup, strength, and Wod. Tighten up your diet and I guarantee you’ll get results.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1



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