Have you ever had the goal of finishing a running race? Whether it be a 5k or a marathon, CrossFit can greatly complement a training plan for long distance running!

I have run two marathons in my life. Training for the first one, I focused on following the running schedule that I found online (about 4 runs a week). For the second one, I put the focus on the long weekend runs, while staying active and moving at CrossFit during the week (averaged 2 runs & 2-3 CrossFit sessions per week).

The second time I had much better results. I was excited to go to CrossFit during the week, and then I would be excited for long runs on the weekend! This also helped me avoid getting burned out.

Although it might seem counterintuitive to focus on CrossFit training during race training, it greatly enhanced my running!

Running is rigid. Hips are closed. Muscles are repetitively flexed and extended. Breathing & heart rate is steady.

CrossFit is dynamic. Hips are opened, different muscles are activated every workout, intensity can vary from a 2 min sprint, or 36 min EMOM pace.

Put the two together, and you will be a well rounded athlete!

As a runner, you will be more mobile – muscles that you neglect when you run will be worked on while at CrossFit.

As a CrossFitter, you will strengthen your cardiovascular system, so those long workouts will be so much easier now!

This table is an example of what a 20 week marathon training schedule might look like for someone who wants to stay involved in CrossFit as well. With the focus being on the long runs that build up in distance on the weekend, CrossFit & light running supplement the training throughout the week.

While training for a long race like a marathon, listening to your body is KEY – which is why one day a week is up in the air depending on how your body feels

If you have any future goals to run a race and need some help putting together a training plan, please let me know! I would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your goals and timeline for training ?

Also be on the lookout for my running workshop at the end of July! We will be going over the basics of running form and how to improve yours

Happy running! – Jovanka ?