How to do a V-Up:

Here are the steps to performing V-Ups:

  1. Lie on your back and extend your arms behind your head. Keep your feet together and toes pointed.
  2. Keep your legs straight and lift them up as you simultaneously raise your upper body off the floor. 
  3. Keep your core tight as you reach for your toes with your hands. Slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position.

Focus on not letting your hip flexors take over so your core is doing the work. Also, focus on control the movement instead of bouncing off the ground.

V-Ups are great to practice balance and coordination. 

1st step – Hollow body position

: Feet, straight out in front of you, arms above your head, lower back on ground similar to a banana-like position.

2nd step – Tuck ups 

: After you’re comfortable with holding a hollow body for 5-10 seconds then try tuck ups

: So, from the hollow body position, bring your knees and arms towards each other at the same time, hugging your knees at the top position.

3rd step – Alt V-ups

: Again, you’ll want to start in the hollow body position, than bring both arms and one leg up at the same time while the other leg remains in the same position. Lower the top leg and switch legs.

4th step – Full V-Up

: To do a full v up, start in the hollow body position, then raise your arms and legs up at the same time so that you end up touching your toes or getting close to them.