Some of us can knock out wall balls, others dread tossing the ball. But each of us can improve, right? Here are some tips to set up for the wall ball.

  1. Set Up- Pick up your Med Ball and push your arm straight out in front of you. The ball should touch the wall. Feet should be set up as with any other squat.  Heels down, knees out. Squat with the ball in the front rack position. Elbows should be up. Drive hard out of the bottom and use that energy to launch the ball to your target.
  2. Catch- Allow the weight of the ball to carry you back down. As soon as the ball hits your finger tips, you should be squatting. Your torso should remain tight and intact. A common fault is a drop of the elbows and a softened of the core.
  3. Throw- Use the bottom on your squat to bounce back up. As you throw the ball to the target, use both hands evenly. 
  4. Breath- Breathe in as the ball makes contact with your target. Exhale on the catch. 

Ready for 150 wall balls now? Ready, Set, Karen!!

If you still have questions on form, schedule a PT session at the front desk!